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For Auto, Home & Business Owners Policies.

(Additional Discounts offered for completing the In Control Advance Driver Training Program! Call for details!)
For Auto, Home & Business Owners Policies.

Indiviuals who insure both their automobile and home with Commerce receive extra savings! You save 20% on your homeowners (home, apartment, or condominium) premium and 5% on your automobile premium when you insure both through Commerce.

Multi Policy Discount
A 5% discount is applied to the premium of private passenger automobile policies who also insure their property (home, rental or condominium) with Commerce Insurance or an approved insurer.

Loyalty Discount
A loyalty discount of up to 4% is applied to eligible policyholders.

Age 65 or Older Discount

Passive Restraint Discount
A 25% discount off of the premium paid for Parts 2, 3, 6, and 12 is available if your automobile is equipped with an air bag or automatic seat belts.

Annual Mileage Discounts

Anti-Theft Discount
Anti Theft Discounts of up to 36% off of the premium paid for Part 9 are available for automobiles with various types of qualifying anti-theft devices.

Multiple Car Discount

Drivers Training
A 10% discount for Parts 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 is available to operators licensed for less than 3 years upon completion of an approved Driver Training Program.

Public Transit Discounts

Other Discounts Also Available...
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Multi-Policy Discounts
10% on your Auto Policy when you buy another insurance policy from Safety; 10% Multi-car when you insure more than one personal automobile with Safety

Loyalty Discount
Up to 8% on your Auto Policy for the number
of years insured with Safety

Family Discounts
10% for Good Students on your Auto Policy (B or better average); 10% for Students on your auto policy Away at School (at least 100 miles at an accredited institution); Hybrid Vehicle Discount of 10%

Rewards for Safe Driving
25% for Excellent Driver Plus (no accidents or incidents in past 6 years); 15% for Excellent Driver (no accidents or incidents in past 5 years); 5% for In Control Advanced Driver Training; Discounts available for Homeowners and other Policies

Multi-Policy Discounts
20% on your Homeowners, Condominium or Renters policies if you insure your auto with Safety; 5% on your Personal Umbrella if you insure your auto with Safety; 5% on your Dwelling Fire Policy if you insure your auto with Safety; Loss Free Credits of up to 16% on your Homeowners policy

Annual Mileage Discounts

Discounts for Drivers Over the Age of 65

Anti-Theft Discounts

New Home Credit of up to 18%

Fire and Burglar Alarm Credit of up to 15%

Others Discounts Also Available...
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